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End of life 18:06 30 Oct 2015
From today statistics are not updated. It is permanent and I have no plans to fix it - from now the website is in read-only mode. More information can be found on my blog.
Cleaning old data 10:35 11 Mar 2013
Battle-Watcher is almost 2 years. Because at that time database has become a very large, it was necessary to remove some outdated data. Therefore, as of today disappeared charts with history of BH of battles older than 3 months, and history of minibattles of battles older than six months. All other details of battles, minibattle results and heroes TOP5 remained unchanged. I hope that this will increase the performance without affecting its functionality.
Last technical problems 08:50 14 Sep 2012

Due to technical problems, battles from last three days have not been properly indexed. Problem was erepublik API, which apparently finally died. Currently has been implemented algorithm independent of api, but also with some consequences:
1. Dates start and end of campaigns is determined by time when it is indexed by Battle-Watcher, so maybe a little different from real (normally difference should not be greater than 5 minutes)
2. Currently there are experimental algorithm for calculating id of war for each battle - looks like it works, but if not, displaying information about the wars will be disabled. If anyone finds any errors, please contact...

Today on Battle-Watcher appeared a lots of news:

1. List of wars.
2. Filtering campaigns by war. To this view you can go from list of wars, or from main view of campaign (the link is displayed only in the non-resistance campaigns).
3. Filtering campaigns by region. To go in this view you can click on the name of region in main view of campaign.
4. Filtering campaigns by type (resistance / non-resistance). Filter can be combined with others.
5. List of events in eRepublik.
6. Chart with points history of campaign.

More informations you can find in Battle-Watcher newspaper:
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